It is a general approach of ASCON to permanently create and maintain projects with the highest possible standards. We believe in a business approach with a long-term outlook. We work to understand and manage the sensitivities of the environments in which we operate, and our responsibilities to them, from beginning to end of our operations. 


Our operating management system lays out the steps and safeguards we believe are necessary to maintain responsible operations, helping our businesses to understand and minimize their impacts, whether to land, air, water, flora or wildlife. We also have specific group requirements and recommendations governing our identification and management of potential impacts of projects that carry particular environmental and social risks; these apply to major new projects, projects in new access locations, some acquisitions negotiations, and those that could affect an international protected area.


We strives to make our socio-economic impact a positive one by running our operations responsibly and by investing in communities in ways that benefit both local populations and ASCON.


ASCON adheres to the highest levels of integrity in fulfilling ist contractual obligations, the result of which is reflected in some of the credit arrangements that we have secured with globally recognised companies and organisations. 


ASCON fully complies with all financial and energy regulations under which our business operates. Our company also complies with all regulations and financial codes of ethics: market manipulation, money laundering, duties of information and code of conduct.